G-LEVEL for Civil Engineering

ED-GCAM 磁石付G-レベル・土木用
About sensitivity and accuracy
Function marking descriptions G-Protector	Light absorption	6-line	Lens	V-grooved	Mirror	Tripple-power magnet
Feature of this product

wall, pillarA measurement of the vertical can be made from the frontmirrorWith magnetIdeal for steel-frame construction as well as plant constructionWith strong magnets(Neodymium magnet)Tripple-power! Super strong● Measurements of 1/100 and 2/100 of a gradient can be made.● Easy to read with a magnifying lens● The light absorption sheet absorbs the light at a well-lit area and emits the light at a dark area for several minutes.● Precision is adjustable.● Curing treatment of aluminum alloy extrusion material● Coating of anodized aluminum clear● 6-line acrylic horizontal vial with lens● 6-line acrylic vertical vial● With mirror (except 100mm)● With magnetSensitivity 0.35mm/m=0.0201°Precision ±1.00mm/m=within±0.0573°

Names Size (mm) Product mass Product number Color quantity per carton
G-LEVEL WITH MAGNET for Civil Engineering 100 148g ED-10GMN Silver 6
150 213g ED-15GMN 6
180 228g ED-18GMN 6
230 234g ED-23GMN 6
300 290g ED-30GMN 6
380 383g ED-38GMN 6
450 438g ED-45GMN 6
600 515g ED-60GMN 6
750 598g ED-75GMN 6
900 680g ED-90GMN 6
1200 844g ED-120GMN 1
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