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We, EBISU CO., LTD. are a manufacturer of levels and bubble tubes,
dealing with our own brand and OEM products of various companies.

For over 65 years since our founding, we are proud of the high quality of our "levels", which no one else can imitate,
thanks to our advanced technology and creativity that have supported the Japanese workplace with the power of manufacturing.



We are one of the few manufacturers in Japan that manufactures its own bubble tubes, one of the parts of a "level". We have many products on the market, including 14 patents, 1 utility model, 38 designs (1 in Germany), and 14 trademarks (1 in China).

Our 3D printers, which we introduced early on, have enabled speedy product development and quick response to customer needs. The pleasure of being able to deliver our unique products to customers when they need them is what motivates us to do our job.

In Tsubame City, there are not a few small but proud companies that manufacture high quality products, and our company is one of those companies. Not to mention construction sites, there is demand for "levels" in a variety of industries, from electrical appliances to cameras and other precision instruments.

However, it seems that this is why innovative new products are hard to come by. In this difficult situation, we have delivered world-leading products through our fine marketing activities and a style in which all sections of the company are involved in development. The "Card Level," which can only be made with advanced technology and experience, is a thin card-shaped product that is easy to carry, and has achieved the feat of selling 10,000 units within six months of its launch in the United States.

In addition, the "LED type level" and the "level with upper and lower hooks," which were developed to meet the strong growing demand for safety and security, are innovative products that uncovered the latent needs of workers in the field. Our strong will to never rest on our laurels and never give up naturally abounds!