The No.1 Japanese Level Munufacturer.







We aspire to be a company where employees can lead prosperous lives for the long term. We aim to create a workplace environment that is conducive to easy and sustainable work, while accommodating changes in family circumstances, all while valuing each other’s feelings. Our high rate of paid leave utilization and minimal overtime policy make us an attractive choice for those seeking employment, even if they have little or no prior experience.

Corporate number 8110001015722
Trade Name Ebisu Co., Ltd.
Head office 7297 Sadoyama, Tsubame, Niigata
959-0202 Japan
Foundation 1954
Establishment 1990
Capitalization 50,000,000 yen
Number of employees 43 people
As of February 1, 2024
Business details We handle everything from the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of levels and bubble tubes.
Features ・We maintain the industry’s top market share by focusing on spirit levels and emphasizing quality and technical expertise.
・Company certified by Youth Yell based on the Youth Employment Promotion Act.(Certified in February 2024.)
Employees 43 people
・30 of whom are women
・4 of whom are part-time
Insurance etc. ・Employment insurance
・Worker's compensation insurance
・Health insurance
・Welfare pension
Retirement allowance Retirement allowance system available
3 years or more of service
Retirement Retirement age is 60 years old
Reemployment Re-employment system available
Up to age 65
Whether or not you have taken childcare leave Yes
Nursing care leave No
Childcare leave No
Labor regulations Yes
Welfare ・Uniform
・Lunch fee
・Membership of welfare program
・Introduced planned paid system (5 days a year)
Training ・New employee training
・Self-development support
・Rank training
Full-time employees only
PR ・Paid acquisition rate: 95% (2023 results)
・No overtime in principle (once a week, one hour, overtime only for those who can participate in 5S activities)
・Most of the employees currently working are hired without experience
・Most employees leave the office by 17:40 for working hours until 17:30
・Average 10% wage increase will be implemented at the end of November 2023 (in addition, there will be a salary increase based on the annual personnel evaluation system) )
・We have a track record of changing employment status from part-time to full-time, from full-time to part-time, etc. due to childcare etc.

For detailed information regarding recruitment, please check the job postings provided at public employment security office.