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  • Purpose of personal information

    The EBISU website (hereunder referred to as The Website) may obtain individually identifiable information for services (for accepting various queries and applications for recruitment), which are provided on the website. Such personal information obtained will be treated appropriately within the following scope of purposes.

    ・To respond to recruitment application forms
    ・To respond to various queries
    ・To issue ID and password for providing high quality product images
    ・To provide new product information (only with consent from the individual))

  • Access to personal information

    Personal information provided will be used within the scope of our purposes. We will not disclose personal information to a third party except in the following cases.

    ・When required by law.
    ・With the consent of the person
    ・When disclosing personal information to the degree necessary to subcontractors contracted to our nondisclosure agreement with consent from the individual in question.
    ・When it is necessary to protect significant interests such as the life, health and assets of the individual or the general public.

  • Management of personal information

    This personal information that we acquired on the website are carefully managed to prevent leaks, loss, inappropriate usage, unlawful computer access, and falsification.

  • About the access log

    In order to maintain the website meets the needs of its users, statistical analysis may be performed. This data gathering and analysis does not include the collecting of personal information.

  • Changes to this Privacy policy

    This privacy policy might change without a previous notice. It will display in the website and we inform you of the privacy policy after it changes.

  • Contact Information(About privacy policy)

    ※Contact information for personal information.

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