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History of a Level

A Level, which becomes widespread worldwide today, originally came from Europe. People established a standard of a level through they dug groove and pool water in it in ancient time. A level has high valuation, which were made up and improved, in long history by an old craftsman finding that water was flat.


The leveling string was put according to it for the horizontal of the board pouring water into the one to have ditched on the plank and the horizon had been put out. Another MIZUITO was put on the position where only a constant size was high, and this of the direction of highest was assumed to be a reference line.

The level is a thing finished up in the tool that predecessors’ workmen discover the thing with flat water it is polished up by a long history and value is high.

Structure of a Level

”The horizontal is right-angled way toward gravity.”
Structure of a level suits this principle. A level with vial is made up by utilizing a principle that surface of liquid always attempt to be flat. A pointer type of level is made up by utilizing a principle, “when weight affects to the way of gravity, the pointer will stop.”

  • Level with vials
    A level with vials shows the horizontal, the vertical, and/or gradients when the bubble reaches the midpoint of the benchmark.Frame is made with aluminum and/or resin.
  • Pointer type of level
    A pointer shows the horizontal, the vertical, and/or gradients when the axis of the pointer revolves and affects toward gravity. A weight is fitted on the other side of the pointer.
  • Laser level
    Check the horizontal reference plane by using a vial first, and then ensure the level so that laser light is irradiated horizontally and/or vertically toward this surface.You can verify the horizontal line and/or the vertical line with your eyes.